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Vaculex Case Studies – satisfied customers all over the world!


The Case Studies bring you examples of how Vaculex Vacuum Lifters have:

Increased productivity
• Improved the working environment
• Decreased injuries
• Improved ergonomics
• Improved efficiency

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Vaculex Vacuum Lifters – makes your job easier

Vaculex is a world leading manufacturer of lifting systems based on vacuum technology.

Our goal is to make your work physically easier – focusing on efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

We are using our knowledge, experience and positive attitude to make it easier for you – before, during and after your purchase.

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Our latest Innovation – The Baggage Loader ULD

Vaculex Baggage Loader ULD, is a new,  patented lifting solution for airports. It is  designed for the task of loading and unloading ULDs, normally a heavy job with  manual lifting at many airports.  The YouTube video, show you how it works, when loading an AKE container in Frankfurt Airport.

Low Headroom Area Solution

Vaculex TP is available with Vaculex patented technology for low head room areas called Vaculex TPH.


Vaculex TP and Vaculex TPH

The TPH version of Vaculex TP makes it for example possible to lift up to 1.8 m height in areas with 2.5 m head room.

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