Ergonomic vacuum lifting equipment

Vaculex is the newest member of the Piab group. We develop and manufacture ergonomic, safe and efficient lifting solutions for all industries. Our lifters are an investment in the health of your employees.

Vaculex equipment can handle almost any object between 5kg to 250kg such as parcels, soft sacks, barrels, bottles of wine, food and even multiple items at once.

Vaculex – a Piab product

Piab is a worldwide organization with subsidiaries and distributors in more than 70 countries. Piab develops and manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes.

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“Vaculex was the only contractor that could offer a lifting system where the usage didn’t decrease productivity.

Thomas Engman – Operations Manager, TNT

“Since we installed Vaculex equipment we have reduced our sick leave by 50%.

Matthew Pyne – Station Attendant, Air Canada, Halifax

“Shoulders, legs and knees used to take some punishment when you had to bend down and lift. Now we work with Vaculex.

Gunnar Tunmats – Safety Officer, Posten Logistics Örebro

Ergonomic Handling

Repeated lifts do not have to be heavy to be both dangerous and costly. Vaculex lifters improve productivity and reduce strain on the body. When there is a need for express handling our fastest products increase handling speeds and keep users fresh both during and after the workday.

Our goal is to make your workload weightless and thereby reduce strain injuries due to manual lifting. Costs for extended periods of sick leave are reduced and rehabilitation periods are avoided. Vaculex has satisfied customers all over the world with end users who are healthier, happier, and more productive.

Vaculex TP – designed for rapid material handling

Vaculex TP is a vacuum lift specifically designed for rapid handling of parcels but can be configured to almost any task.

The lifter is user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate. It is so light and easily managed that working speed and productivity are maintained or in many cases increased, which is usually the contrary when using a lifting aid.

Vaculex TP is extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight. It grips the goods from any side and you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360º to place it where required. Standard max weight is 40 kg which can be increased to 65 kg.

It is also available with Vaculex patented low inbuilt height technology which makes it possible to fully utilize the lifter in areas with low ceiling height.

What are Vacuum Lifters?

Vacuum lifters are ergonomic tools that prevent health problems caused by lifting manually.
A Vaculex lifter is a valuable investment for the employer, but the employees are winners as well. By using manual handling technology the strain on the body is reduced by more than 80%!

How it works:

A vacuum pump creates a desired vacuum level in the tube. When a suction foot is placed on an object the difference in pressure makes the tube contract and the object is lifted effortlessly.

The suction foot is selected or custom built to minimize damage during handling. The lifter is hung from lightweight aluminum rails, jib cranes or an articulated Vaculex AC402 carbon arm.

Vaculex VL – the heavy-duty vacuum lifter

Vaculex VL is the powerful lifter mostly used in general industry where the need for specialized heavy duty tools are common. Vaculex VL can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheet metal, computers, crates, barrels, TVs and much more between 30 and 250 kg.

With the right combination of accessories Vaculex VL can lift multiple objects at once, tilt and rotate goods. The lifter will also balance at an adjustable resting height when the handle is released.

Vaculex ML is a comparable lifter for lighter weights, up to 55 kg.

Why we make vacuum lifters:

“MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) are commonly reported work related health problem by European workers: 30% complain of backache; 17% complain of muscular pains in their arms and legs; 45% report working in painful or tiring positions; 33% are required to handle heavy loads in their work.”

– European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

“Improving workplace environment is beneficial to everyone involved. Increased productivity, reduced injuries and sick leave lead too happy and healthy employees.”

Steven Higgins – Key Account Manager, Vaculex UK

ParceLift – for trailers and containers

Rapid loading & unloading

With Vaculex ParceLift you can load or unload loose loaded goods in trailers and containers faster than ever before. It drastically reduces the risk for repetitive strain injuries and makes the work a lot easier compared to manual lifting.

Automatic adjustment

Vaculex ParceLift automatically adjusts its inbuilt height to suit different sizes of containers; this is to ensure maximum working height inside the container currently being loaded or unloaded is always maintained.

Assembled on a telescopic conveyor

Vaculex ParceLift is assembled onto a telescopic conveyor. The telescopic conveyor may already be installed on your site or it may be purchased with the ParceLift pre-installed.

A Draper Tools employee on a pain-free workday.

“Our prime consideration has been a question of ergonomics rather than speed. Having said that we are using fewer people to unload a container so there is definitely a financial benefit too.”

“After seeing the solution the decision was easy“

Keith McLean – Warehouse Manager & Ian Lancaster, Logistics Manager, Draper Tools

“Before Vaculex we had a lot of problems with heavy lifting here at Heathrow. Thanks to the Vaculex Solutions the work is much more efficient and my staff doesn’t suffer from back problems anymore. Vaculex is a fantastic equipment.”

Martin Bell – Training Officer, Menzies


30 Years of Experience

Vaculex was founded 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Every Vaculex product in the world was designed, built and quality tested at Vaculex head office. With Swedish design, top quality, flexible solutions and 30 years of experience we have become a world-leading manufacturer of lifting equipment based on vacuum technology.

Top Quality Lifting Equipment

At Vaculex we work together to make the best vacuum lifting products on the market. Your solution will be designed by our expert engineers to fulfill the needs and requirements of your operation. When working with Vaculex you can be certain you will receive a top quality solution.

Customer Care

You will be guided through the sales process by one of our skilled and helpful sales managers.  After the installation we can provide training so the users utilize the full potential of the equipment in the most ergonomic way possible. We will support you from start to finish.

Our motto is Working with Ease – Before, during and after your purchase.

“Our goal is to find the best lifting solution for each customer.”

Ronny Holmsten, CEO

Now part of Piab group

Since January 2017 Vaculex is a part of Piab. Piab group now offers what for long have been asked for by end customers, partners and distributors – ergonomic and safe solutions that improves efficency of manual handling.

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