Articulated Jib Crane


Vaculex AC402 Articulated Jib Crane

Articulating Jib Cranes can be installed in many ways

The AC402 Articulating Jib Crane can be installed in many ways for both fixed and mobile applications. At fixed installations the AC402 may be supported from the ground, from a wall or from a ceiling.

At mobile installation it may for example be supported from a mobile self stable base, a fork lift truck or a mobile conveyor. The AC402 is an essential part of the Vaculex ParceLift made for loading and unloading containers or trailers.

Operator using Vaculex TP Vacuum lifter attached to an AC402 assembled on a belt loader.

Advantageous in confined spaces with low headroom

Vaculex Articulated Jib Cranes are suitable for work in confinedspaces together with a Vaculex vacuum lifter. The working area might be narrow and/or have an irregular shape. Vaculex Articulated Jib Cranes are suitable for low headroom areas.

Standard or custom made versions

The standard range of Vaculex Articulated Jib Cranes is limited to the extreme Vaculex AC402 Articulated Jib Crane made of ultra high modulus carbon fiber composites. The AC402 is specially developed for very rapid handling in confined spaces. Due to its structural design and its inbuilt features the AC402 moves extremely smooth. The other main features of the Vaculex AC402 are:

  • Extremely low weight. The weight is about 1/5 (8.8 kg) of the weight compared to normal articulated jib cranes of similar size. The low weight and the position for center of gravity makes it optimized for very rapid material handling.
  • Due to its design it will add no extra inbuilt height when being equipped with a Vaculex vacuum lifter for low headroom areas.
  • Integrated hydraulic shock absorbers to make it move smooth even at the limits of the working area.
  • Completely integrated vacuum supply piping and vacuum proof ball bearings making no external supply hoses necessary along the crane.
  • Integrated protection against damages from collisions against walls etc. by an integrated bumper made of visco elastic polymers.
  • Working radius of 2 m, 360º. Due to the integrated vacuum supply piping the crane is allowed to rotate without limits around the main crane shaft.
  • Maximum working load: 40 kg

Except from the standard model AC402 Vaculex makes custom made versions of articulated jib cranes. Preferably the custom made versions are made in steel or aluminum to fit the customer´s specific needs.

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