Bridge Cranes


Suits everything from slow to up to very rapid material handling
Vaculex bridge cranes used together with Vaculex vacuum liftersare suitable for everything from slow up to very rapid material handling. Vaculex bridge cranes are all made of aluminum with suspensions made of carbon steel. To allow handling speeds that are usually not possible with bridge cranes Vaculex has developed a series of solutions that are implemented when very rapid handling is requested.

Solutions for low headroom height
Headroom height is sometimes a limiting factor for bridge cranes. But Vaculex has developed special solutions that when requested minimize the need for headroom to levels that usually cannot be reached with bridge cranes.

Cover large working areas
Vaculex bridge cranes can cover very large working areas. The limitations of the working area are usually not caused by the possibilities of the bridge crane system.

An example of a Bridge Crane being used