Traversing Jib Cranes


Model JCT35

Advantageous when working in odd shaped areas
Vaculex Traversing Jib Cranes used together with Vaculex vacuum lifters are used when the working area is limited to shapes that exclude the use of bridge cranes or other conventional crane solutions.

The working area might be wide in one part of the total area but narrow in another part. This can for example be due to that a part of the working area is in a corridor or through a narrow passage.

Custom made for your specific needs
Vaculex Traversing Jib Cranes will be custom made for your specific needs. The possibilities to create very flexible solutions are huge.

Vaculex has developed special solutions to make the Traversing Jib Crane work for rapid handling in confined areas with low headroom.

A unique feature is also, if requested, the possibility to electronically control the inbuilt height of the whole system to make it work inside various containers with varying headroom height.