Vaculex TP – light and flexible

• Extremely fast

• Ergonomic

• Safe

• User-friendly

• Light and flexible

• Increases productivity

• Causes less baggage damage

• Low investment

• Low service cost

Vaculex TP is designed for rapid material handling

Vaculex TP is a vacuum lift specifically designed for rapid handling of goods at Parcel Carrier Terminals, Distributions Centers and Airports.

Extremely versatile
Vaculex TP is extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight. Vaculex grips the goods from any side and lifts it, you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360º to place it where required.

Vaculex TP decreases strain injuries

Lifting fast in poor posture does not require heavy weights to cause pain and strain injuries.

Vaculex TP is very user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate. It is so light and easily managed that working speed and productivity are maintained or in many cases increased, which is usually the contrary when using a lifting aid.

Vaculex TP is available in many versions with many accessories

Vaculex TP can be configured for many tasks. It is available with Vaculex patented low inbuilt height technology which makes it possible to fully utilize the lifter in areas with low ceiling height.

Vaculex TP is available in Stainless Steel, versions; it can be equipped with our energy saving system ATOP, remote controls, different suction feet, parking positions and other options to make it fully suit your needs.

Vaculex TP is designed for very rapid handling of goods up to 40 kg but is also available in versions for lifting goods up to 65 kg.

Who is the typical customer of Vaculex TP?
Typical customers within this segment are parcel carrier terminals, airports, distribution centers, transportation, warehouses, mail order, air cargo and other businesses where frequent, and fast lifting takes place.

How to use Vaculex TP

Adaptation for right or left handed persons
Detach the release button and insert into the anchorage point on the opposite side, dependant on if the operator is right or left handed.

Control lever
Attach the suction cup onto the load. When decreasing pressure on the control lever the lift raises. Lower the lift by increasing pressure on the control lever. Without load the lift is raised to its pre-set balancing position.

Rotating the load
The entire control unit with load can be rotated. When the load needs to be twisted into a confined space, rotate the load when the control unit is held stationary.

Gripping angles
The load can be attached from any side. When gripping from the side, angle the suction cup forwards.

Release button
Press the release button and the load will be released. This is useful when you don’t want to wait for the parcel to reach solid support.

Technical information



Liftunit TP100
Recommended max load (kg) 40
Safety factor (Attachment force/Lifting force) min 2,3
Weight (kg) 5,7
Sound level (dBA) 54-65
Pumpunit, electric 702 802 902
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power (kW) 0,75 0,9 1,25 1,5 2,4 3
Voltage (V) 174-254/300-440 190-300/330-520 190-254/330-440 190-290/330-500 190-255/330-440 190-290/330-500
Weight (kg) 61 73 107
LxWxH (mm)
815x515x540 815x515x540 870x560x575
Sound level (dBA) 54 56 54 56 63 65
Pumpunit, pneumatic 100 150
Air consumption (Nl/h at 6 bar) 420 630
Sound level (dBA) 60-65 60-65

Vaculex TP – versions

Vaculex TP100 with bellow cup for handling of parcels and many other types of goods.
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Vaculex TPH100 with bellow cup for handling of parcels and many other types of goods in low head room areas.
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Vaculex TP100 with optional extended control handle for easy reach of large objects.
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Vaculex TP100 with suction foot suitable for lifting baggage, sacks and many other types of goods.
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Vaculex TPH100 with suction foot suitable for lifting baggage, sacks and many other types of goods in low headroom areas.
See dimensions >>

Vaculex TP100 with silenced yoke foot for handling of large objects.
See dimensions  >>

Vaculex TPH100 with silenced yoke foot for handling of large objects in low headroom areas.
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Vaculex TP140 with optional extended control handle and silenced yoke foot for handling of large and heavy objects.
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Vaculex TP100 is available in A2 stainless steel.
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Quick disconnections
Bayonet joint type. Upper and lower part. For fast and simple change of suction feet or tools.

Yoke foot
Yoke foot with two adjustable feet. Suitable for cardboard boxes with divided lid, materials in sheet form etc. A large range is available.

Rect. suction foot
Rectangular suction feet are suitable for handling goods with sealed surfaces such as cardboard, sheet metal, plates etc. Available in many sizes.

Oval suction foot
Principally for handling sacks but also suitable for plastic shrink wrapped goods. Available in several sizes.

Yoke foot
Fixed yoke foot with bellows cups. Useful for rough surfaces or on surfaces with differences in levels. Various models available.

Energy saving system
Vaculex TP is optionally available with Vaculex ATOP energy saving system. The system detects when no work is performed with the lifter and then puts the system in standby mode. The system is very easily restarted by the operator with a remote control or with a button on the Vaculex TP parking position.

Radio Remote Control
Vaculex TP can be supplied with a radio remote control to manually turn the pump on and off from anywhere in or close to the working area.

Vaculex VacPack3-902
Vaculex VacPack is equipped with 3 pcs of 902 pumps complete with Filter Units and a Electric Cabinet complete with Miniature Circuit Breakers, Motor Circuit Breakers, Elapsed time counters and Interface to control the pumps from their parking positions. The electric cabinet is also equipped with inside lighting and a 230 V socket. Weight of complete system: 500 kg.