The Solution

Berendsen have tried different lifting aids for laundry sack handling before, with varying results.

Vaculex TL is the first lifting aid that is used spontaneously by the staff and that is the best grade you can get.

After two years usage of the lifting systems we are very satisfied and can really recommend Vaculex TL

-Magnus Arnedal, Operations Manager at Berendsen, Sweden, 2003

After installing the first Vaculex TL in 1999 in Sweden, Berendsen have now installed Vaculex TL in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

With Vaculex TL the workers empty the sack which is suspended from a rope, instead of dragging the laundry out of the sack.

The benefits for Berendsen are:
– Ergonomics – minimum risk of repetitive strain injuries.
– Cut injuries decrease (e.g. knife, needles)
– Less danger of infection (e.g. blood)
– Higher productivity
– Extremely user-friendly
– Very small energy consumption
– Extremely low service cost

Minimized injuries and maximized productivity in handling laundry sacks

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Berendsen is the market leader in laundry services in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Berendsen also has a leading position in the Netherlands and a strong position in German hospitals and nursing home market. Berendsen is part of The Davis Service Group Plc, a leading UK-based provider of support services.

Sorting of laundry sacks weighing up to 35 kg (77.8 lb). Frequent lifts from below knee to above shoulder level.

Berendsen had three issues, requiring solutions.
1. Operators had difficulties lifting heavy sacks.
2. Repetitive strain injuries.
3. Injuries caused by concealed foreign objects within the laundry sacks e.g. knives, razorblades and needles. In addition, other material contaminated with body fluids could be hazardous to health through contact.

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