The Solution

After seeing the solution the decision was easy

“Our prime consideration has been a question of ergonomics rather than speed. Having said that we are using fewer people to unload a container so there is definitely a financial benefit too.”

– Keith McLean, Warehouse Manager & Ian Lancaster, Logistics Manager, Draper Tools

The former handling situation
Unloading: Manual lifting onto pallets
Operators: 5
Situation: Poor ergonomics and time consuming work, caused unhappy operators and high costs.


The new handling situation
 Manually, assisted by Vaculex ParceLift onto a Caljan telescopic belt conveyor.
Palletizing: Assisted by a Vaculex TP
Operators: 3
Situation: Very happy operators at an attractive working position. And fewer operators, three instead of five.


 Happy operators. No complaints of wear or strain.
2. Reduced level of sick absence
3. No transfers of suffering people into new positions
4. No staff turnover. Operators now find their tasks very attractive and stay in their positions.
5. Everyone, men and women, with a normal physique can now work in this position.
6. Less operators. Three operators, instead of five.
(No one had to leave)

Draper Tools Limited

Draper Tools Limited is a family-run company, located in Hampshire, supplying hand tools to the industry. It occupies three local warehouse locations amounting to over half a million square feet. Supplying products in all major tool categories including automotive, DIY, gardening, construction, engineering and hobby, leisure and other non tool lines.

At the warehouse in Chandlers Ford containers regularly arrive with loose loaded cargo. Earlier the unloading was done manually by 5 operators. It was heavy and caused an unpleasant situation. Operators suffered from strain and didn’t stay very long in this working position.

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