Due to the wide variety of goods handled at Airports, much of the lifting has been carried out manually.

Numerous studies have shown that manual lifting results in repetitive strain injuries and damage to the spine, resulting in high sick absence or in worst case supplementary disability pension.

By developing existing successful Vaculex solutions for Parcel Carrier Terminals, Vaculex have created a number of vacuum lifting solutions specifically designed for Airports, which has been implemented worldwide.

Airport Baggage Handling Solutions

Baggage handling at Airports is typically a combination of automated and manual handling. The automated baggage handling system takes checked baggage from the ticket counter, through security screening and delivers it sorted, by flight, to either a chute or conveyor where the baggage is then manually loaded into different kinds of ULDs (Unit Load Device) or open carts.

This manual handling results in repetitive strain injuries resulting in decreasing work tempo and high sick absence. In baggage handling areas space is often a critical factor, especially headroom height.

Vaculex has developed and implemented solutions to solve the manual handling problems of baggage at airports. The results are ergonomic vacuum lifting solutions that potentially increase productivity and still minimize the risk for repetitive strain injuries.

Vaculex provides solutions that can be installed and used in narrow spaces with low headroom without limitations to the function of the system.


The baggage handling solutions can also be implemented at for example Cruise Ship Ports (watch video) or anywhere else baggage is handled.

Baggage loading with Vaculex Baggage Loader ULD

Vaculex Baggage Loader ULD, is a new,  patented lifting solution for airports. It is  designed for the task of loading and unloading ULDs, normally a heavy job with  manual lifting at many airports.  The YouTube video, show you how it works, when loading an AKE container in Frankfurt Airport.

Loading Baggage from Chute to Open Cart


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At many airports the checked in baggage is conveyed and automatically dropped to chutes by the airports sorting system.

The baggage then needs to be moved from the chutes to carts which will be used for transporting the baggage to the airplanes. The area where baggage is moved from chutes to carts usually is characterized by low headroom and sometimes also limited working space.

Vaculex vacuum lifting solutions
 for handling of baggage from chutes to carts is specially developed for handling of a wide variety of baggage in areas with low headroom and with limited available working space.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP and Traversing Jib Crane


Operators moving baggage between chutes and open carts at an airport.

Moving Baggage between Open Carts and Conveyors


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When unloading airplanes the baggage is usually loaded onto carts that will be used for transporting the baggage to the Airport terminal.

In the terminal building the baggage will be loaded from the carts onto the conveyor system which will bring the baggage to the reclaim area. The unloading of baggage from carts to conveyors is characterized by a high work pace.

Vaculex lifting solutions for unloading carts is specially developed for high work pace when unloading carts and handling almost all types of baggage with weights ranging from 0 up to 45 kg.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP and Bridge Crane

Customer Testimonial

Münster Osnabrück International Airport

“Vaculex has really made life easier here!”

osnaref– Roland Jochem, operator using Vaculex TPH

Münster Osnabrück Airport is an International Airport situated in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Case description:
Some of the workers had suffered slipped discs and were not able to work due to the strain caused by lifting baggage manually.

“Anyone can use the Vaculex system. All you need is five minutes instruction and you are ready to work”

osnaref2– Klaus Strender, Managing Director, FMO Airport Services

Vaculex system enables for workers who have suffered from work related injuries to return to their jobs and work without any problems. Münster Osnabrück International Airport can therefore maintain the productivity of their employees. Vaculex solutions enable the employees to load baggage quickly and easily without dangerous strain to their bodies.

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Göteborg Landvetter Airport

“Vaculex lifting equipment really helps!”

landref– Rasmus Grahm, Coordinator using Vaculex TP

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is the international airport of the west part of Sweden with scheduled non-stop routes to some 50 destinations.

Case description:
In the area where baggage is loaded onto the baggage reclaim conveyors the previous working conditions could result in repetitive strain injuries.


With the help of Vaculex TP the work has become much easier. The operators now work almost without any additional strain to their bodies.

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Handling baggage selected for screening in Checked Baggage Reconciliation Areas


Suspect baggage is diverted from the Explosive Detection System to a Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA) and must be lifted and moved from an incoming conveyor to an inspection station. After screening the Security Officer needs to transfer the baggage to the outgoing conveyor. Prior to Vaculex solutions for CBRA rooms, this work was performed manually resulting in injuries and decreased productivity.

The CBRA rooms are often unique from one airport to another. Confined working heights, tight spaces and working around columns requires very flexible lifting solutions. Vaculex specially developed vacuum lifting solutions for CBRA rooms enable lifting and transferring baggage in confined spaces while avoiding injuries and keeping up productivity.

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Standard BaggageLift
This is the most common solution
with a normal
 ceiling hight.
Low headroom BaggageLift
This unique solution is perfect
for CBRA rooms.
Easy to deploy
Maximun flexibility is provided with minimal deployment costs.
Products being used: Products being used:
Products being used:
 Vaculex TP and Bridge Crane  Vaculex TP (TPH) and
Traversing Jib Crane
 Vaculex TP (TPH) and
Articulated Jib Crane

 Air Cargo Handling with Vacuum Lifters

Air cargo is transported around the world in cargo planes that are typically loaded with ULDs (containers) and cargo pallets. Before the cargo is loaded, it needs to be sorted and loaded into a ULD.

After unloading the airplane the cargo must be unloaded from the ULD to other types of load carriers used for road transport. This loading and sortation process is very often carried out manually.

This manual handling to, from and between ULDs results in repetitive strain injuries resulting in decreasing work tempo and high sick absence.


Vaculex has developed and implemented cargo lift solutions to solve the handling problems within Air Cargo terminals using vacuum systems. Specifically moving air cargo parcels to, from and between ULDs. The results are ergonomic solutions that potentially increases the productivity still minimizes the risk for repetitive strain injuries.



Vaculex Air Cargo Handling Solutions include solutions for:
Moving cargo between pallet type of ULDs (PAG, PYB etc) or open type of container ULDs (AKH, AAX)
Loading or Unloading Large Container type of ULDs (AMJ, AAX, AAC, AMX, AML, AMJ, AAA, AMD)

In addition to specialized Air Cargo Solutions Vaculex also provides solutions for Parcel Carriers that of course also can be implemented for Air Cargo handling. This includes solutions for loading and unloading containers and trailers as well as solutions for sorting incoming or outgoing parcels.

Moving Air Cargo between Pallets or Open Type of Container

Goods intended for air transport are usually loaded into ULDs (Unit Load Devices) before being loaded into the airplane. These are of two major types, either a Pallet type of ULDs or a Container type of ULD. Each of these types of ULDs exists in many forms and sizes.

Loading parcels to and from ULDs involves a lot of manual work for Air Cargo Carriers, first the goods is loaded onto the ULD, when reaching an air cargo hub the goods is unloaded and reloaded onto a new ULD which will bring the load to the final airport destination.

The heavy work with loading and unloading ULDs causes much stress to the body of the workers resulting in decreasing work tempo, repetitive strain injuries and worker dissatisfaction.

Vaculex has developed special solutions for handling of goods to, from and between ULDs. The solutions focus on improving worker satisfaction, improving productivity and reducing injuries to a minimum level.




Sorting goods between pallets is efficiently performed with minimum strain to the body.


Unload a container with considerably lower risk for injury caused by bad posture.


Vaculex TP which is a part of Vaculex Air Cargo Solutions is extremely versatile and handles a
huge variety of goods.