The main areas in a Distribution Center are the receiving dock, the storage area, the picking area and the shipping dock.

Manual work in all these areas might cause problems with repetitive strain injuries due to bad postures and heavy manual lifting that are performed with a high intensity.


Vaculex have developed specialized lifting solutions to solve these problems in most of the areas in a Distribution Center. In addition to the reduction of work related injuries Vaculex solutions usually also improves productivity and worker satisfaction.

Vaculex solutions for Distribution Centers include solutions for:

Unloading or Loading Containers and Trailers
Order Picking in Picking Areas

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Unloading or Loading Containers and Trailers


A common problem at the receiving dock of a Distribution Center is unloading loose loaded containers and trailers. This is among the most physically demanding jobs at a Distribution Center, due to heavy lifting, bad posture, high intensity and a work environment that is also often in need of other improvements.

draperthiiisVaculex has developed a lifting solution which minimizes the strain to the operators, increases the productivity and also enhances worker satisfaction. The solution, Vaculex ParceLift, is assembled onto the telescopic conveyor which is often already installed at Distribution Centers operating with loose loaded containers or trailers. In addition to solving the lifting problems the ParceLift is available with options such as lighting and a heater to even more improve working conditions.

A growing number of Distribution Centers rely on the Vaculex ParceLift to create a healthy and attractive working environment for the operators working with loading and unloading of containers and trailers.

Products being used:
Vaculex ParceLift

Lifting at Order Picking in Picking Areas

orderpick safe

The picking process is often the most labor intensive activity for a Distribution Center and potentially also a process where risk for work related injuries is high.

Large and heavy cartons can easily get damaged when handled manually due to the difficulty of lifting such cartons due to their size and weight.

Vaculex have developed specialized vacuum lifting solutions to efficiently handle light, heavy, large and small cartons in picking areas.

Our lifting system provides the operator with an aid to efficiently handle most of the different occurring cartons at a Distribution Center in a safe way.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP
Bridge Crane

Customer Testimonial

Jysk Distribution Center

“It used to be a job for muscle men only. Now anyone can do it”

– Josephine Rogebrant, operator using Vaculex TP

Customer: Jysk is an international retail chain that sells everything for the home and comprises some 1,800 stores in 35 countries worldwide. The total staff consists of nearly 16,000 employees. Jysk distribution center in Nässjö, Sweden, and Jysk distribution center in Uldum, Denmark relies on Vaculex lifting solutions to create a productive and healthy working environment.

Case description:
Jysk Distribution Center in Nässjö previously had a high sick absence and also some long term sick absence. Much this due to injuries which affected the operators back and shoulders and were caused by lifting too many large and heavy boxes.

“Because of all the heavy lifting this was not an attractive working environment. It´s a big difference now!”

– Michael Edh, Production Manager

Solution: Jysk now uses Vaculex solutions for depalletizing and order picking to enhance the working environment and improve productivity. The sick absence has went down from 8-9 % to the lowest figure they have ever had (3 %). Vaculex solutions also allowed personal to work in areas where they earlier could not work due to too many heavy lifts. Jysk Distribution Center in Nässjö has become a much more attractive working place.

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Flexible palletizing solutions might sometimes be necessary at Distribution Centers. Although this is not among the most frequent activities at a Distribution Centers the risk for repetitive strain injuries when performing this task is high.

Vaculex have developed specialized lifting solutions for palletizing which reduce repetitive strain injuries as well as improving productivity.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP
Bridge Crane


The baggage handling solutions can also be implemented at for example Cruise Ship Ports (watch video) or anywhere else baggage is handled.



Depalletizing is often a very repetitive activity where the risks for repetitive strain injuries are high. To automate the depalletizing process is often not the optimal solution in a Distribution Center due to space and flexibility reasons.

Vaculex has developed specialized lifting solutions for depalletizing which has all the flexibility necessary to perform the task within the Distribution Center.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP
Bridge Crane