At all Parcel Carrier Terminals there is normally some manual handling of parcels. At smaller terminals manual handling tends to dominate the operation, at larger terminals automated sorting systems handles the sorting and terminal logistics but the manual handling is still an important part of the operation.

At every terminal some of the parcels do not fit the automated sorting system, these non conveyable parcels usually are large and heavy but even in spite of that must be handled manually due to the lack of lift assists.

Manual handling has previously been the only alternative when loading and unloading containers or trailers, sorting parcels between pallets, cages and conveyors.

posten-manually-handlingThe manual handling at Parcel Carrier terminals is typically high tempo and work postures, if not performed with care risk causing injuries. The weight of parcels can often be up to 40 kg.

The manual handling risks cause repetitive strain injuries and severe injury to for example the spine. The result is high sick absence, low productivity and dissatisfied workers.

Vaculex has developed and implemented lifting technology to solve the manual handling problems at Parcel Carrier Terminals. The results are ergonomic vacuum lifting solutions that potentially increase the productivity whilst still minimizing the risk for repetitive strain injuries and other injuries to for example the spine. After just a short period of training most operators use the lifting equipment like an extension of themselves.


Vaculex lifting and vacuum solutions for Parcel Carrier Terminals include solutions for:
Loading or Unloading loose loaded Containers and Trailers
Sorting parcels between cages, pallets and conveyors

Integrating Vaculex solutions into the existing handling system is usually easy. In cases where there is limited space such as low head room, narrow passages and narrow areas Vaculex have solutions that handle most of this.

Loading or Unloading loose loaded Containers and Trailers


carrierposten pct3

Most Parcel Carriers operate loose loaded containers and trailers for transportation between Sorting Terminals. Irrespective of if the terminal is fully automated or not the parcels being sorted must be manually unloaded from the containers into the terminal and then after sortation, manually loaded back into the containers to leave the terminal.

Loading and unloading containers or trailers is one of the more physically demanding jobs at a Parcel Carrier Terminal.

Vaculex has developed Vaculex Parcelift as a lifting solution which minimizes the strain to the operators, increases the productivity and also enhances worker satisfaction.
The solution, Vaculex ParceLift, is assembled onto the telescopic conveyors which are often already installed at Parcel Carriers operating with loose loaded parcels.

Several Parcel Carriers rely on the Vaculex ParceLift to create a healthy and attractive working environment for the operators working with loading and unloading containers and trailers.

Products being used:
Vaculex ParceLift

Sorting Parcels between Cages, Pallets and Conveyors



Manual sorting of parcels is usually between cages, pallets and conveyors. Unloading cages involve bad working postures with risk for back pain or injuries when lifting parcels from low level into a cage. Frequent twisting of the lower back when lifting parcels from the cage or pallet to the conveyor increases the risk for back injuries.

With Vaculex solutions for sorting Parcels between Cages, Pallets and Conveyors the weight of the parcels is fully supported by the vacuum lifter. The risk for injuries reduces dramatically.

The operator also has the possibility to only use one hand for lifting, which makes the other available for example to use a bar code reader, picking small parcels or envelopes or just for the possibility to change hand for controlling the lifter.

When filling cages or building up parcels on pallets the Vaculex TP vacuum lifter eases the work with positioning of the parcels by leaving one hand available for help.

Products being used:
Vaculex TP
Bridge Crane

Customer Testimonial

Posten Logistik Örebro

“Vaculex ParceLift is great to work with”

– Gunnar Tunmats, Safety officer and operator using Vaculex ParceLift

Customer: Posten Logistik in Örebo is a part of Posten Norden which is one of the Nordic region’s largest messaging and logistics operators and also a worldwide leader in service quality and delivery performance.

Case Description: At Posten Logistik they used to unload the trailers and containers manually which resulted in back pain and tired operators. The main problem was picking heavy parcels from floor level up to the level of the telescopic conveyors which feed the automatic sorting system.


Solution: By using Vaculex ParceLift they now avoid the heavy lifting and almost all manual lifting when unloading containers. The ergonomics have improved and the operators feel happier and more alert.

Posten Logistik now fulfill the Swedish Working Environment Authorities requirement of a healthy working environment. All of Posten Logistik´s parcel carrier terminals use Vaculex ParceLift for unloading trailers and also Vaculex TP for intra terminal handling of parcels.

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“Vaculex was the only contractor that could offer a lifting system where the usage did not decrease productivity.”

tntref– Thomas Engman, Operations Manager at TNT, Sweden, 2003

TNT is a world leader in global express and logistics services. With a presence in more than 200 countries, TNT is a division of the Dutch TNT Post Group (TPG), which is quoted on the New York, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt stock exchanges.

Case Description:
TNT had problems with injuries due to manual lifting with the associated sick leave and rehabilitation costs. As part of a worldwide Health & Safety Program, the challenge was to find a lifting aid that maintained or increased speed and productivity during lifts.

After installing several Vaculex TP at TNT, injuries were reduced to a minimum. The vacuum tube lifts maintained or increased speed and productivity as parcels became weightless and easier to handle, no matter what size or shape.

Vaculex TP proved to handle 99% of the parcels with ease.

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