Vaculex VL
The Heavy Duty Tube Lifter

Efficiency | Ergonomics | End User Happiness

Our Most Powerful Vacuum Lifter

Vaculex VL is designed for heavy lifting, handling up to 200 kg loads.

Increases Productivity

Manually handling heavy loads with Vaculex VL is both easy and fast.
Requires minimal training to operate.

Ergonomic Design

Reduce the load by more than 80% compared to manual labor without lifting equipment. Is this correct for vl as well?

Decreases Sick Leave Costs

Repeated lifts do not have to be heavy to be both dangerous and costly. Extended periods of sick leave are reduced and rehabilitation periods are avoided.

Handles Most Goods

Vaculex VL is extremely versatile and can handle goods in almost any shape, size and weight.


Can be configured for many tasks with its wide range of accessories.

Modular Design

Vaculex VL can be adapted for almost any task when fitted with the right accessories.

Adjustable Standby Height

The lift will rest in the air at the easily adjustable standby height.

Custom Suction Foot

The vacuum lifter is fitted with the suction cup best suited for your lifting needs.

Extended Rigid Control Handle

An extended handle that allows for easy reach of large objects.

Extended Flexible Control Handle

An extended handle that allows for easy reach and stacking at high altitudes.

Energy Saving System

Vaculex ATOP energy saving system puts the lifting equipment in standby mode when no work is being preformed.

Angle Adaptor

For changing the angle of a load between horizontal and vertical.

Bottom Swivel

Allows for rotation of lifted load.

Dust Filter

Large dust filter. Useful in dusty environments.

Universal Joint

Keeps the lift tube in a vertical position if load becomes unbalanced.

A2 Stainless Steel

Increased resistance to corrosion and suitability for frequent washing with strong alkali detergents. Includes FDA approved silicone suction cup.

Radio Remote Control

Medium range, turn pump on and off from a distance.

Quick Disconnect Joint

Allows for fast and easy change of suction foot.

Pump Cabinet

VacPack3-902 is supplied with three 920 pumps, Filter Units, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Motor Circuit Breakers, Elapsed time counters and Interface to control the pumps from their parking positions. The electric cabinet is also equipped with inside lighting and a 230 V socket.

ATEX versions

ATEX Versions

Maximum lift height 2.9 meter/115 inches
Lifting equipment weight 5.7 kg/12.6 lbs
Recommended weight range for non porous surface 0-45 kg/0-99 lbs
Standard suction bellows cup diameter 150 mm/6 inches
Standard lift tube diameter 100 mm/4 inches


Specifications vary greatly depending on the installation environment, the required suction cup, weight of lifted loads and more.
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